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All the power of Latin America in one model! With a new 3D
Rubber punch, a supper Tight Fit on the hand and a perfect
sensation of the ball, the Dreer model offers an amazing
contact with the ball under all circumstances of the game.
Fix Fit Technology!

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New embossed design of 4mm of Natural Latex with + 3mm of
internal padding inside. Set on Air Mesh material. Special Characteristic: 3D RG Rubber Punch, designed for strength and security on
the contact zone while punching the ball away.

Flexible Mesh material for optimal movement and comfort.


4mm Giga Grip German Latex with +3mm internal padding, set on a Negative – Roll finger cut and a double wrapped thumb finger for maximum contact area. It has a very tight fit on the hand and an ideal sensation of the ball like no other model. Special Characteristic: FIX FIT Technology that provides a tight, set feeling of the hand inside the glove.

Elastic, double wrapped, black wrist strap set on elasticized bandage of
8cm wide. Special Characteristic: The RG rubber tab at the end of the
closure helps to avoid the erosion of the strap when the keepers put or
take the glove.

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