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Tuanis 19-20

629.00 kr

Totally new Tuanis model. Dotted with a Hybrid Negative
Cut. Single panel fluo green neoprene. New design with
an impressive presence.

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Single panel Fluo green Neoprene. New design rubber punch in
the perfect position offers a fantastic punching zone for the
keepers. Finger Tips on Latex.

FLUO Green Single panel Neoprene that does not allow moisture to
enter the gloves. Special characteristic is our FIX FIT technology that
provides a tight feeling of the hand inside the glove, as it does not
allow it to move.

4mm Giga Grip German Latex + 3mm internal padding. It is set on
a Hybrid Negative finger Cut and a double wrapped thumb finger.
Special characteristic: FIX FIT Technology.

New elastic double wrap wrist strap 6cm wide. Pull up placed in the
middle of the wrist so that keepers can wear the gloves easier.

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11, 10, 9, 8


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