The Aversa model has a Roll-Negative Hybrid roll cut, offering a top Fit and feeling of the ball. A very complete glove
for keepers that like the combo of a tight glove but also of a
well-padded backhand!

Denna produkt är för närvarande slut i lager och är inte tillgänglig.

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New 3D Embossed Natural Latex with + 3mm of internal padding
inside. Set on AIR PU material. Special Characteristic: 3D RG
Rubber Punch, designed for strength and security on the contact
zone while punching the ball away.

Breathable PU Material provides for maximum flexibility and comfort
while allowing the hand to breath inside the glove.


4mm of Giga Grip German Latex (+3mm internal padding) set on a Hybrid – Roll – Negative Cut and a double wrapped thumb finger for maximum contact area.New wrapped palm tha extends to the backhand. Special Characteristic: FIX FIT Technology that provides a tight, set feeling of the hand inside the glove. It doesn’t allow the hand to move inside of the glove.

Elastic, double wrapped, white wrist strap set on elasticized bandage of
8cm wide. Special Characteristic: The RG rubber tab at the end of the
closure helps to avoid the erosion of the strap when the keepers put or
take the glove.

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